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 Halia Pinter

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PostSubject: Halia Pinter   Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:45 am

Name: Halia Pinter
I am 17 years old
I am a Female
But my race is a Human
When I look in the water, I see:
I act like An underage mother, kind, caring, stubborn, and witha slight Napoleon Complex, always trying to compensate for her short stature. When commented upon by her height, she becomes hostile.
My 3 best perks are: Nerd Rage!, Bloody Mess, and Meltdown
My S.P.E.C.I.A.L. best is: Intelligence
My favorite weapon is the: Gauss Rifle
I have a job in: Nursing
Well, here's my story: Due to the disappearance of her mother, Halia was forced to care for her sickened father for many years. His weakened state required medical attention at all times, and they didn't have the money to hire a doctor. Halia began researching medical procedures at a very young age, quickly mastering it. She cared for her father for many years, until his eventual death. Forced to fend for herself, she took a job at a clinic, working as an unofficial nurse. Although she was very young at the time, she was quite smaller than the average person, height at 4'11". She developed a Napoleon Complex quickly when teased about her height. The wasteland was savage, so money not spent on her temporary homes or necessary supplies were spent on training with energy weapons.

Often not having enough to purchase energy weapons, she would loot them off of the bodies of dead raiders, quickly becoming an unknown top shot. The weapon in particular she uses the most was the Gauss Rifle, enjoying its size and firepower, but severely hating its repair and ammo costs. Amongst the neighboring towns, she is called Half-Pint, in accordance with her short body and large weapon.
Anything else: She favors energy weapons over most other types, claiming that "When some jerk is in your face with a switchblade, he won't think twice about running when his flesh is seared off of his bones."
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Halia Pinter
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