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 Sera Evans

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PostSubject: Sera Evans   Tue Aug 09, 2011 9:35 am

Name: Sera Evans
I am 24 years old
I am a Female
But my race is a Human
When I look in the water, I see: Due to almost always wearing a Chinese Stealth Armor, nobody has seen her face other than an unnamed Chinese Ghoul. When not seen in the CSA, she's wearing stolen personally customized NCR Veteran Ranger Combat Armor.
I act like A stubborn rude pain in the ass. My ego as a sniper often rakes in cash, but alienates everybody I work with. I also have a problem with taking orders.
My 3 best perks are: Spotter, Enhanced Sensors, and Sniper
My S.P.E.C.I.A.L. best is: Agility
My favorite weapon is the: Infiltrator
I have a job in: Mercenary, Assasin, Escort
Well, here's my story: An old companion to a Chinese Ghoul, through an intense amount of favors she forced him into teaching her the arts of silent killing with ranged weapons. Silenced sniper rifles and assault rifles, firing from extremely long ranges, sneaking around in densely populated areas without being detected, all of these were part of her "Training" as she likes to call it. She would often practice by attacking NCR Veteran Rangers and stealing their armor. To this date, she has been detected by NCR officials only once, the end result being a blood spattered mess where an officer once stood.

During an infiltration operation with her companion into a Caeser's Legion encampment, they were discovered by a legionnaire. Sera barely escaped, but her companion was taken as a slave. Donning his Chinese Stealth Armor, a Rebreather, and a stolen 1st Recon Beret, she set out to find his whereabouts. Along the way, making a name for herself amongst the top silent killers on the western side of the nation.
Anything else: She has a profound fascination for chocolate, but has never had the opportunity to try it. Also has a distaste for any energy weapon besides the Gauss Rifle on a personal opinion of them being "Sniper Here!' signs.
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Sera Evans
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