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 Desmond Zee (DiZ)

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PostSubject: Desmond Zee (DiZ)   Tue Aug 09, 2011 11:33 am

Name: Desmond (DiZ) Zee
I am 41 years old
I am a Male
But my race is a Human
When I look in the water, I see: Middle aged Caucasian, seen as a standard cowboy, short brown hair, slightly trimmed beard and mustache, Cowboy's hat, NCR Veteran Ranger Combat Armor.
I act like A Womanizing genius. Always sweet talking females, but does not see himself settling down in the future. Has a very long temper, and is often immune to threats or put downs. Despite the negatives, follows a personal code of honor.
My 3 best perks are: Sex Appeal, Cowboy, and Whiskey Rose
My S.P.E.C.I.A.L. best is: Charisma
My favorite weapon is the: Ranger Sequoia
I have a job in: Ex-NCR Veteran Ranger
Well, here's my story: For 20 years exactly, he served as a Ranger in the New California Republic. He didn't have the slightest care for the NCR, though. His time spent as a Ranger was constant grinding, putting up with the brass, and often getting court martialed for his chronic flirting amongst the female soldiers. He only had one friend, another unnamed Ranger whom busted him out of trouble almost everyday. DiZ didn't care too much for him though either, even though they both joined at the dame time, at the same age.

An assault of Ceasar's Legion at the outpost he was stationed in cost the NCR many lives, including Officers and many Rangers. The "Friend" that DiZ had come to know joined the NCR Rangers to get revenge for his wife and unborn daughter, both sold as slaves to the Legion, and both dying before his eyes soon after. This friend had nothing much to live for, and sacrificed his life, still protecting the failure DiZ had allowed himself to be. Multiple AP rounds to the chest, HP rounds in the arms, the friend died in his arms. Both had become Veteran Rangers less than a year before. Desmond took his friend's Ranger Sequoia, engraved his name on it as perfectly as he could, and uses it alongside his own everytime he fights the Legion. Dual-Wielding Ranger Sequoias, he quit the Ncr and became a gun for hire against the Legion.
Anything else: He has an avid fear of plant life, possibly a shellshock experience after entering Vault 22.
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Desmond Zee (DiZ)
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